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All applicants must meet the following prerequisites: knowledge of basic genetic terminology and concepts as well as basic understanding of population genetics, epidemiology and biostatistics concepts.

The following are suggested textbooks for review of prerequisites:

  • Mange, A.J. and Mange, A. P. (2nd edition, 1998) Basic Human Genetics. Sinauer Associates, Inc.

  • Gordis, L. (3rd edition, 2004). Epidemiology. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders.

  • Altman, D.G. (1991). Practical Statistics for Medical Research. New York: Chapman and Hall.

  • Swinscow, T.D.V. and Campbell, M.J. (10th edition 2002) Statistics at Square One. BMJ Books

  • Hamilton, M.B. (2009) Population Genetics. Wiley-Blackwell.

If you are not familiar with R, please consult:

For a quick review before the workshop, please consult the following presentations: